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Whether you've got a PC or Mac that no longer runs properly, need help removing Malware, recovering data, or would like to optimize your company's software and network systems, we've got you covered.

Dean Bradley Computer Services specializes in providing exceptional computer repair and IT services in Oakland, California. With over 25 years of experience and unmatched expertise, you can rest assured that all your computer and IT-related needs are in good hands when you come to us.

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We've Got Your Computer Repair & IT Service Needs Covered

Oakland Computer Repair & IT Services

Computer Hardware Repair

Broken screen? Has your laptop charger gone kaput? If you need hardware repairs, we're here to help. Why waste time with DIY fixes? Just call Dean! We're confident our abilities as your trusted local IT service provider will resolve all of your hardware issues.

Computer Software Services

Don't spend hundreds of dollars having the so-called nerds at your big box stores overcharge you for installing software or your virus program. We can help you select the right computer programs for your needs, set them up the right way, and ensure they're working for you.

Operating System Installation & Optimization

We've been in business for a long time and are skilled with all standard operating systems. There isn't anything we haven't seen. Don't let a windows update keep your office from running like clockwork. We assist with Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and even Linux.

IT & Computer Troubleshooting

If you have a problem with your computer, it may be a sign that your system is malfunctioning and in need of repair. The best way to fix a computer is to have a professional computer technician check it out for you. We also perform malware removal, OS repairs, and more.

Lost Data Recovery Services

Have you lost or accidentally deleted some files on your hard drive? Call us! We'll do what we can to recover your data. In the event that your hard drive is severely damaged, we can help guide you in finding a certified data recovery company.

File & Network Backup & Security

Oakland, California-based organizations can benefit from our comprehensive remote technical support and backup and security services. We offer assistance with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux operating systems. 

Computer Hardware Upgrades

We specialize in upgrades for computers and other devices. Boost your computer's speed with additional RAM, or maybe a larger and faster hard drive. We can help not only install it, but we can advise you on the right parts to buy.

Computer Networking Consultation

We offer professional network consulting, support, and troubleshooting for Oakland businesses and home users. We have experience in resolving network problems for many Bay Area computer users.

Top-Tier Experience

Areas of Expertise

Dean Bradley Computer Services has a wealth of expertise when it comes to computer repair and IT services. Today, more people than ever rely on computer systems for day-to-day activities and work. There's no shortage of situations you can encounter in which you'll need an expert Oakland computer repair service or IT consultant. And when that need arises, look no further than Dean Bradley Computer Services.

Dean has helped several local businesses as well as individuals who need stellar IT and computer repair services. Why choose Dean for your repair and IT needs? It's simple: she puts quality above all else. When you reach out to Dean Bradley Computer Repair Services for help, you know you're getting the best.

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Desktops & Laptops

We can help diagnose and repair several desktop and laptop issues like blue-screens, broken screens, damaged hardware, malware and virus infections, and more. We'll keep your PC or Mac running like it did the day you first purchased it.

Data Recovery

Corrupted files and lost data can be a serious hassle. You may have lost a project you've spent a lot of time on, or have a program that's not running properly anymore. Fear not - we can help you retrieve and restore lost, corrupted, and damaged files.

Office Networks

Putting together an office? Don't try and take it on by yourself. Whether you have a full staff or it's only you, Dean can help with all of your office network setup needs like software installation, network setups, and more.

Data Storage

We offer a comprehensive data storage and protection service that helps protect you from data loss threats, hard drive failure, ransom ware, and natural disasters. Don't leave it to chance - Dean can help protect your data today.

Upgrades & Expansions

If you've wanted to upgrade or expand your current PC or Mac but don't know where to start, Dean can help. With everything from device repair, function optimization, and memory upgrades, we'll help you pick the parts that work best for your system.

Loss Prevention

Just because you haven't been a victim of data breaches and intrusions doesn't mean it won't happen. Let Dean help you stay protected and keep your vital information safe by detecting potential data breaches and guarding you against outside attacks.

What Our Customers Say

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"Super great experience working with Dean to resolve our home issues w/ network/wifi set-up. We had struggled for years with a few issues and we got excellent advice on how to move forward. Dean did all the set up and walked us through all the scenarios that can come up and how to best resolve issues with our internet provider. Highly recommend Dean and the fees were very reasonable."
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Miranda M.
Oakland, Ca
"Dean was prompt, professional and very knowledgeable. She responds quickly. I thought that my computer had a bad virus or malware. She worked immediately to fix it. After identifying the problem, she explained what was going on with the computer and answered all my questions. She even updated it to windows 10. If you're looking for an amazing PC repair service here in Oakland, I totally recommend her."
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Katrina M.
Oakland, Ca
"A virus had corrupted files on my laptop, and it was running really slowly. I had it fixed by Dean. She does PC/laptop repairs really well. She was able to finish it in less than a week. Every time I had something that needed repairing, I always received it back in perfect condition with the problems fixed. The service was great and the price was reasonable."
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Laureen C.
Oakland, Ca
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If you're looking for the best computer repair service Oakland has to offer, look no further. Dean Bradley Computer Services carries over two decades of experience in every aspect of computer repair and IT solutions.

Whether you need an estimate or simply have a question, we encourage you to reach out and contact us. The quickest way to get ahold of us is by telephone. However, we also accept online inquiries.